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Stylist? Working with private clients - get out from the conflict zone.

Setting the clear borders, knowing with what you are ready to work with and no, will save you through the majority of the conflict situations. For setting the borders you should clearly understand who are you as a person and as a professional, understand your values.

Start from you

If somebody is breaking your personal or professional borders, do not tell that HE is doing something wrong. It will worsen the situation and will make the conflict unresolvable.

Always start from you and your feelings. That way you will not cross the borders of the other person and will not make the conflict worse.
So how can you express the feelings correctly?

Example: I do not understand what is going on and do not feel myself comfortable in the situation, when….. Then you are peacefully and calmly describing the situation which made you feel uncomfortable and crossed your borders.
Punishment or encouragement?

After expressing your feelings should follow the «punishment» or encouragement, depending on the situation. You are to choose what is comfortable for your character and working mode.

The example of punishment could be - I do not work with clients on such conditions.

Like encouragement you can offer the clients some additional free service/additional look/some other values, so he would not be interested to continue the conflict situation. But still do not forget to tell what was wrong before encouragement if you do not want the situation to repeat.
Difficult clients

Always in doubt. They can not decide where they like something or not, always unsure. Here you should understand that it is the psychology type of the client, when he is not ready to take responsibility.

Here you should clearly understand the zone of your responsibility and you duties, and what you can not be responsible for, what you are promising to the client as the result of your work.

It is a client responsibility - to agree or refuse what is offered by you, you can not do this job for him even if you want.

Example: If your work is to put together 10 looks for the client in three hours, your work is just to put together 10 looks in three hours. You can not meanwhile cure depression, fears, lack of the responsibility or other deep psychological traumas or problems - it is the work of other professional, called psychologist.

So if the client can not decide if he likes what is offered, you can always say:

I am doing my job and putting together for you 10 looks today during our agreed time, and after you can decide by yourself later whether you are buying it or not or whether you like it or not.
Relatives and friends

Sounds familiar when your friends are asking to revise their wardrobes/style the shoots/go to shopping? If it does not serve your goals and constantly repeating, when you are feeling awkward to refuse?

Here what you can ask: Do you want me to go shopping etc as a friend or professional?

Because as a friend it would be totally different, with no responsibility, in a free mode, as fun. But as a professional it takes a lot of preparation, time and effort. If you are a professional you always want your client to be satisfied, which requires lots of different resources. You put a lot of work and surely await for the reward. That is why your professional services are always to be paid.

The second way is to recommend other professionals. Here you say you are being friends, and you have a principle that you either have a professional relation OR a friendship one.