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It is not late to create you instagram in 2020?
When lots of people had created their pages 10 years ago, many say that it is too late to begin running you instagram now. NO! Not true. Not too late. Many people who have created their accounts half a year ago, have hundreds of thousands followers now.

You should understand clearly the purpose of instagram, have a nice concept and take it as a work, clearly understand how and with what information you will attract the followers. And there are all the chances you will succeed! Sure the market is more saturated and competitive, but in the same moment there are more possibilities.
Main mistakes

- there is no clear purpose why your page is created
- no clear theme of the page
- buying false followers/likes
- not regular publishing
Target marketing

If it a brand or service page, you definitely need a target advertising! If it a personal page, it also can be promoted the same way. Here think carefully what exact post it would be. Should be something informative and catchy.
Define audience

Gender, age, location, what they do, what they like and do not like, what places they go, their lifestyle. Clearly figure out your target audience and understand what bloggers do have it. And then do the collaboration to exchange the audience or paid advertisement with that blogger.

If it is a paid advertisement, it is you who should decide, think trough and offer the format of the advertisement. It is you who should offer the options, so the pr would be much more effective!
Collaborations with brands

The brands love to work with micro bloggers - usually it is the blogger with up to 30 000-50 000 followers. But can be less. You can also collaborate with brands if you have no followers, but can provide some kind of free service.
Diverse content

Now video is even more popular than just pictures. Communication with followers, live broadcasting, making questionnaires, constantly running stories.

Now it tends to be more natural one, maybe with a bit of warm shades. Can be different, but always better a unique recognisable one.