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Stylist? Commercial clients - types and difficulties
1. Advertising agencies

Shooting advertising is usually less creative, but best paid job for stylists. You will not be able to express fully your creativity, but you will have clear brief, what and in what exact quantities, what exact colours needed. The main criteria of evaluating the work will bу strict adherence to the brief and predicting client's wishes. The last usually comes with experience.

Expert advice

Bring the clothes with large excess. Even the one you are not completely sure in, the more the better.
2. Fashion brands

Usually working directly with the stylist without intermediators. The work with brands can be divided into:
- Campaigns(best paid)
- Lookbooks
- Instagram content
- Fashion shows styling

The biggest problems with brands is usually budget cuts for shooting production. Last years some brands tend to refuse from stylist's services and try to cope themselves. That is why the style of the brands tends to get more similar and simple.

You can not do anything with this issue. So if the brand is contacting you to style their shoot, try to be especially attentive to them.

3. Magazines

In most of the cases the less paid job from all. Now not many magazines work with freelancers. There is also usually clear task and not much space for creativity.

4. TV and TV-production

Usually regular well paid job. Clearly organised process and task.

Exhausting. The minus is that TV shoots are filmed in pulls, and can be filmed several days or even weeks in row. The shifts can be 12-14 hours long and you are unlikely to be paid for overwork as you would have the fixed fees for your work. In this time you feel have to refuse from any other work or personal life.

Career limit. One more minus is career limit. The highest post you can reach here is major stylist of the TV channel. To reach it you would need lots of work, luck and being in the right place in the right time.
More than that, TV channels often work with TV productions, and often officially you will be an employee of the production, but not TV channel itself. So there will be not much opportunity to grow, so people saty on the same position for decades.
Challenges working with productions, TV and advertising agencies

- woking on the big scale and huge volumes leads to increased responsibility
- difficulties to find certain particular piece. Sometimes in brief can be even mentioned the exact Pantone colour, or colour of the logo/product and you will need to find 10 options of clothing of that exact colour. Sometimes you have to have the list of the tailors, who can sew 10 same suits already yesterday

But the commercial work is paid dozens of times more than working with magazines.

Purchasing budget

Do the stylist buy all the clothing for his personal money? Yes an no. When you are just beginning and on some projects you will have to have your personal budget for clothing. Never be shy to request the separate budget from clients, just be prepared they can refuse in it or not issue the enough big one in the beginning.
Expert advice

Separate credit card. Have a separate credit card with a big limit, so you can buy and return back the clothing. So usually money is doing the full circle during the free limit period of time. So it is very comfortable.

Non-refundable budget %. Be prepared that certain per cent of the clothing will be damaged and you will not be able to return it. So include this per cent in your fees.
Here you can also reach an agreement with the production who is issuing the budget for purchases that, for example, 10% (can be easily 20 or 30 % or different amounts depending of the shooting conditions and your/production working conditions) of the budget will be non-refundable for non-returnable clothing.

Assisting. If you new to the sphere or have relocated, work some time as assistant to the professional stylist, working with commercial clients. That way it would be much easier to understand all the details fast and to avoid big mistakes.

Start working with production

Do the research and write to the productions/producers in your town and offer your services.
Even if you are newbie, sometimes when nobody can not work some specific date, productions can contact you. And if everything goes well, you are very likely to continue cooperation.