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Setting your borders at work
Why do we need borders?

Setting clear borders help us and our clients to feel better at work and to be more productive, to feel valued and respected, to get more satisfaction from our work. Clear borders help both sides to understand what to expect from cooperation, to make it more pleasant and transparent.

Examples of braking the borders:
- Overtime work
- Working without lunch break
- Responding messages outside of the business hours and days off
- Excessive responsibility for somebody else work

Everybody has different needs and for somebody it is absolutely normal to answer at weekends, work overtime etc. So the borders will change from person to person.

Sometime we are afraid to set our borders because we are afraid to loose the client or to be considered unprofessional. We can be afraid to show confidence and claim for decent working conditions. But here we need to think about distant sequences - you will fell not comfortable and satisfied with yourself and it will definitely reflect your work. Remember - even working in a service sector - you have the right to say no and refuse to do something if you find it unacceptable.

Now in the century of social media and big choice, in creative areas clients mainly choose personalities with similar values to work with. The more in common you have, the more productive will be your cooperation. So do not be afraid to show yourself and maybe even loose some clients - they are just not your clients and anyway would be less likely to be happy with the cooperation.
It will not be smooth

Do not expect it to be smooth and fast, in some cultures it requires a time for people to start respecting you or to build your reputation. And somebody will still not - some people just do not respect anybody - in that case only you are to decide whether to deal with it or refuse from work.

If you are new to the sphere, be ready to go to some compromises when you are just starting out. If you do not know what to do, try to ask you team, your colleagues or even your relatives. Because common sense and adequacy is more or less equal in every sphere of our life.