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Rising a price for the regular clients?
Painless rise

With the time flying, experience gaining and situation changing, you may want to rise a price for your services.

Usually with regular customers a Ā«painlessĀ» price rise is considered to be up to 30 %. After that number statistically the number of refuses to order your services is drastically falling.
Do you need to explain?

For example you increased your qualification, got a serious reward and got the biggest clients on the market, the currency exchange rate changed etc.

The most important here is to know yourself why are you doing it and to be sure in it. You can write you updated qualification and upload new portfolio/CV or explain the clients if they ask, but there is no need to explain everybody why you charge what you charge.


Here it depends from your positioning. If you work in mass sector, the discounts are widespread and people are often waiting for them.

But if you work with the more sophisticated audience/higher level clients, discounts are not recommended. As in luxury segment are discounted only unpopular and useless goods which can not be sold. The price should be final. Here you selling your time and service - if you do three services instead of one, you will not win anything from it, it is not the same like selling goods when the more you sell the more profitable it is.

Sometimes it is better to give some additional service/present unexpectedly instead of giving discount. This works more effectively than discounts.