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How will look our wardrobes after quarantine?
Values changed

Some people argue, but mainly every expert agrees that the fashion would never be the same as it would change after have changed we. Fashion is always a reflection of what is going on in the world - its history, politics, wars and its mood.

Being locked at home we are rethinking our values. Reasonable consumption, eco-friendly behaviour, caring - even who were not interested in it completely before, now it is everywhere. People just do not want to buy anymore.

From the surveys, interviewees claim that first of all they will cut down expenses for clothing. Even if their income would stay on the same level.
Brands role changing

It becomes clear that the role of fashion is falling and changing to something different. Last years brands tended to become more and more commercial, blurring and loosing their authenticity, cutting down all possible production costs, tending to constantly copy from each other what was just sailing good.

It became difficult for people to differ the brands DNA as the market tended to be saturated with the same trendy pieces. So you could have bought almost absolutely the same piece from different brands - and only the price would be different, and idea and quality would be somehow at the same level.
Non-fashion era

Scientists predict the new ┬źnon-fashion┬╗ era. After every crisis, the fashion becomes more practical. Now everybody has rethought their values and needs and brands will have to prove the customers why would they need to buy something which is not the first need.

So the brands mainly will have to explain customers that their clothing is practical, universal, rational and cost-effective or to build their own, distinctive DNA.

At the moment the brands are in difficulty to sale they spring-summer collections and they are actively buying the advertising from all kind of influencers and bloggers. But the bloggers and their audience seems to start rejecting clothing advertising in this times, when the people has much bigger problems.
Who will survive?

Supposedly, the two main categories of brands to appear here:

1. Those who produce the durable basic clothing for affordable price
2. Brands with strong authenticity, also the ones with narrow specialisation. As from all the collection, often is good sold only 2 or 3 best pieces, and all the others are going for sales after and there was no big sense to produce them. So the ones who will provide us with more narrow, but well thought-trough assortment which we really need are most likely to succeed.
Clothing as uniform

There is quite broad group of people who would prefer to wear approximately the same pieces in their everyday/working life, who know exactly what works for the them and are not interested to waste excessive time to combine and choose different options every day. They just need the clothing to concentrate on their work and life.
Virtual fitting rooms

Some brands will not get back to offline stores anymore because of decreased possibilities after crisis and high costs. Now everybody had to discover working online and now many small players would just not see the sense of returning to life stores with its high maintenance costs. The scientists are actively working on creating online fitting rooms and already started implementing it in life.

The more spread will be online shopping, the more client oriented it would become. Now many shops tend to provide free delivery and returns. As the mistakes during online shopping and need to return something is absolutely normal, customers tend to prefer and look for online shops with easy and free returns.
Selling meaning

Selling the fashion trough meaning, clear message and brand policy, creating certain communities will come to replace direct marketing.

One-size, oversize and unisex

The brands are starting to produce more loose-fitting clothing, because the chances it would fit the person shopping online are much higher. The same goes to one size and unisex as it could fit much more people and means more sales.