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Business etiquette
Visit card codes. Thank for acquaintance, respond to the invitation, express condolences and many more.
P.P. - pour presentation

To present yourself. Goal - acquaintance, recommendations. Is usually put in the envelope with recommendation letter.

P.F.C. - pour fair connaissance

Apropos acquaintance. Goal - to express satisfaction with acquaintance. Is sent to a person you met after acquaintance.

P.F. - pour fete

Is sent to a festive occasion. Goal - to congratulate. Such a visit card is usually attached to a present or to a bouquet of flowers.

P.R. - pour remercier

Goal - express gratefulness and thank for the gift or for the service rendered. Is sent also after reception attendance.

P.C. - pour condoleances

Condolences. Goal - to express you condolences. Is sent with flowers or letter.

P.R.V. - pour rende visite

Goal - to express you readiness for a visit. Is sent with response to an invitation.
If you did not have the visit card or they were finished and you got acquainted with a person, what to do?
If he gave you his visit card, it is common that you will send the letter with your contact details in exchange the same day. Here you can express your gratitude for acquaintance and your willingness to further cooperation, send the additional documents etc.