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Business etiquette
Business dress code for women
Business traditional - best business dress code(BB)

Traditional business dress code for business executives, top managers or employees working in the high rank companies:

- Closed shoes, open toes or heel is improper
- Tights or stocks even in summer, bare skin is unacceptable. If the tights are skin colour, 8 or 10 den are the best option, they made to be invisible, transparent and elegant. Usually the tights should be no more than 15 den
- Heels should be not higher than 5 centimetres in most of the cases, no platform
- No unusual prints, no bright details, no rhinestones, no glossy materials
- Jewellery: not too bright, do not make any noise or not hanged loose. Without unusual decor.
- No naked arm pits - no short sleeve or sleeveless clothing
- Knitwear is not acceptable in TB as it is considered a casual wear
- Zippers are not elegant, try to avoid them. Better to prefer buttoned clothing
- Oversize is not welcomed

Stick to classic options and do not forget to consider the seasons, place, time of the day and your body type. Classic does not have be boring, we just have to know the rules of a game :)
Clothing as investment in your future
If you want to build your career, you should perceive your work wardrobe as an investment. And every piece of clothing in it should serve and compliment your goals at work.
May be french or some neutral colours like beige or shades of natural rose. Adequate length, not too long. No bright colours, crystals or any other decorations. Can also be red or burgundy in its less strict option.
- Al the clothing should not be too tight. For the dresses consider two fingers between body and fabric.
- No oversize. Oversize clothing is too relaxed and the person can be considered as lacking confidence and hiding something.
- The right fit with suits and complements you body shape. If something is too loose or too long, is always better to give it to the tailor for the quick fix

Fabric Texture
No knitwear or any shiny materials are accepted, no leather or lacquer textures.
Can be different. From classic dark palette like blue, black, brown, shades of green and chocolate for a winter season to the lighter colours like beige, cream, dusty rose, peach or azure in the spring-summer season or the ones you prefer, they just should not be too bright and catchy. Some more strict companies reserve the right to limit colour palette possible, in case of doubt always better consult the company code.

Should be A4 format, as all the papers needed should fit in perfectly without any crumpling. The bag shape should be rigid.
If you are going to some event, consider take one smaller and one bigger bag and leave the bigger one in the car/at office.

Check, strip and peas print can be acceptable. All other prints are usually avoided.
Your hair should look neat. After 35 years the women are usually to consider setting their hair in some hair style.

Make up
Should be nude and natural. Though red or burgundy lip maybe accepted, while all unnatural colours should be excluded.

Should not be fashionable, there are some brands which specialize exclusively in business jewellery.