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Старинная антикварная мебель из коллекции, собственноручно собранной В. И. Поленовой
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Business etiquette
Modern business etiquette
For business owners, top managers or creatives. If you want to develop in whatever sphere, it is always a good idea to follow or at least to know the rules of business etiquette. Social connections and people are one of the most important and precious active.
Basic rules
Always presenting junior post employee to senior one. The age plays no difference.
If there is no difference in position, the social etiquette rule will comу to play - you will present a men to a woman. If there are both women, now plays he age difference - present the younger to the older one. So priorities are Position-Gender-Age
No gender
There is no difference between men and women in all situations. For example, the door is opening the one who is closer to it. As time is one of two most precious currencies in business. The men reserve the right to be galant if he wants, but it would extremely unprofessional from a women to expect that.
Shake hand
The senior employee is giving their hand to shake first. As it he to decide if he wants it or no.
Are usually improper on business events. Exclusion can be a delegation with women included.
Going trough the doors
Always comes first who is closer, no matter the rang and position held. The same rule with the lifts.
Diplomatic representatives
You would usually want to address to the diplomats or authority representatives based on their post, but not name. Like Mr. President, Mr. Consul General etc

Now let us switch to practice. Imagine you have an appointment with a person, holding high position. You arrive in time, there is no secretary present at the moment and his door is opened and his is sitting at his desk. What it is correct to do?

As the most precious value in business is time, you do not have to wait for the secretary to arrive or for the person to notice you. You have the right to say greet your vis-a-vis, present yourself and explain you are arrived for an appointment. If the door is open you do not have to knock.

Let us imagine in that moment the person was speaking on the phone and did not notice you. Wait till he will stop to talk and write, and then present yourself.

Only after that you can seat yourself down. Remember not to ouch anything on person's table and to put your briefcase on the floor if you have it. Do not cover yourself with anything as on mental level it will be considered as protection and lack of confidence.
Paying the bills

Paying for business meeting is the one who invited. On own initiative could also be the person taking higher post or the oldest one.
So even if you a poor newbie journalist and invited for lunch the director of Amazon, you will still have to pay for the cover all bill.
Who goes first?

If you are welcoming the guest or delegation in your place, you are the first to climb/do down the stairs, escalators and doors. As guests/clients are entering the unknown place and you are to show around and therefore go first. The exception here is the door which you are pulling to you, and here you are letting the guest to go first.
Greeting while entering

When the person enters the room with people, independently from its status, he should greet the people inside.
Exchanging a business card

The business card is always given by the right hand.
When you are given a business card, before continue talking, firstly necessarily read the person's name and try to remember it. If it is foreign name and you are not sure about transcription, ask your opponent about it! It could be a pleasant small talk starter about the origins of the name and your opponent