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Styling a fashion shoot
Where to find clothing?

- warranty letter from magazine, when you have it you can borrow the clothing from showrooms or brands press offices

- buying the clothes and returning it back to the magazines

- collaboration with brands for providing the pictures

- renting from cinema costumes rentals

- buying some vintage

For a fashion story, there usually should be no more than 15 per cent of stylist personal clothes, everything else should be this and max past season collections of different brands. If all the clothes is from the same brand, it would be considered as pr and called lookbook. Subscribe for the brands and showrooms to get their the constant updates.
Styling step be step

1. Count how many looks you will need to create for a shoot and then add +30 per cent more of the clothing. As some of the looks could fit badly the model, will not fit location or will just not work out)
2. Take the clothing from brand/ showroom/ press office/buy/
3. Prepare and make the photos of every look at home. Pack every look in separate wardrobe tank, pack accessorises and shoes in separate suitcase.
4. Write a list with everything you picked up, it will help you not to loose anything during the shoot.
5. If the clothes are to return, accurately take off all the price tags so not to loose/damage them during the shooting.
6. Carefully check all the clothing before returning it back - it should be clean and undamaged. Get them to dry cleaning or fix if needed.
7. Take the detailed credits from your team, so you can submit to the magazine afterwards or tag the team in social media. This should usually include name, surname, instagram account and email.

To publish your pictures in magazine, you need to create a finished fashion story, also called editorial. It can be united by common style, sense, location or model and usually has the same photo editing. Usually requires minimum 4 - 6 final clothing looks per story. I usually always aim for 8.


For portfolio works implement what really inspires you, this way you will really make your best! If you don't know what it is, take a pen and write three things which really inspires you/you like. If nothing comes up immediately, spend some time remembering everything you like in life or go to your saved pictures in instagram/other source. Try to find exact little things which you really love. Do not be afraid to shoot the same ideas everybody had shoot before - it will be different anyway.
Expert advice

- do not confuse fashion styling with costuming/masquerade. To be published in magazine, it should be first of all a fashion story. Do not go overboard with historical styling and models emotions.

-do not panic if anything goes wrong. For example, there can be an unexpected change of model. But usually in fact there can be much better result. So don't get upset, it can be something a bit different, but probably much better!

- If you choose to use the children in your fashion story, request for their most updated and fresh portfolio. As in half a year a child could change significantly and become a teenager.