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Fashion shooting. Effective communication and preparation.
Usually there is big team present on the fashion shoot - models, beauty team, stylist, photographers, producer, probably set designers and assistants, editor or client.
And knowing how to manage it is crucially important for a controlled and quality result.

Thorough preparation before will help to avoid the misunderstandings during the shoot.
1. Preparation

Detailed mood board and story board - every team member should have them before the shoot. (ССЫЛКА ВСТАВИТЬ)Here you can read how to do them).

It is nice when everything is prepared and well thought, but in the same time every professional can apply their creative solutions in their niche. As being professionals in their niche, they better know specific current trends and local solutions.
2. Framing

Is always useful to have a framing for all shooting, especially if there is more than 2 models present. Write down all the camera plans you are planning to shot, at what places, what your heroes are doing.

For a fashion story, editorial it is crucially important, so from the very beginning you know the sequence of the story and don't forget anything. And because you know all that, you will be much more calm during the shot and will always know what to do next.
3. Responsibility

For a better performance, there should be someone responsible for all the shoot. Who will put together all the details, guide everybody during the shoot, will take responsibility for some quick unexpected problem solving.

In non commercial shoots, when team is working for portfolio and experience, the main responsible is usually photographer or stylist. This usually depends of who's idea the shooting is or can be also who is the most responsible one. Can be also a make up artist, if the team is implementing his ideas.
4. Timing

As the time is almost always limited due to the location rent/sun down/celebrities availability, the timing always should be carefully planned so not to miss anything and have the time for unexpected delays, and saving money for luxurious locations rent.
5. Set design

The more props useful for shooting you have, the easier it is to transmit the certain image and create a story, and the more truthful it looks. But to look really good and match the style, all the props should be prepared in advance.

For set designers you should prepare the most detailed mood and storyboard with concrete description of everything you need for every shot. For example if you need the books, specify how you want them! Old? Dusty? Approximate quantity?
6. Interaction with beauty team

When you are just starting out, it may be a good idea to work with one professional for both hair and make up. As its easier to communicate with one person than two and put together hair and make up for the full harmonious look.

Advice Thick beige nail polish. As different situations occur, your model can forget to rinse off the neon pink nail polish, with the thick beige nail polish the make up artist can cover it quickly. As bright polish can be destructive for the whole team and client and it is always better to see the nice final image instantly, not with postproduction afterwords.
7. Fuck ups

There is ALWAYS on a big shoot something going wrong. And it is normal. The main thing is to stay calm and friendly and look for a decision, because it always is.

And trust professionals. If the make up artist or photographer says it will not work out, there is a HUGE chance it will not work out. So choose your team carefully and then trust them in their local decisions wisely.