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Psychology matters
Color and our brain
Have you ever thought how colours influence our brain? How the people perceive you, depending in what colour you are dressed in today?


Caution! Red is a statement, is a strong energy. Bringing attention. Its not possible to skip the women in a red dress

Surprise here! Psychologically the orange colour is the colour of SEXUALITY. Many celebrities are choosing it unconsciously. Try to experiment!
Can be coral or different shades of orange. It is tasty and bringing us sweet associations.

Is perceived and associated with wealth, gold and success. Also the colour of confident people or the people who want to be perceived as confident. Claimed to be the most unpopular colour in the shops. One of the several most important colours of 2020 by Pantone - Saffron.

Green is the colour of peace, warmness, earthiness, cordiality and giving. When you want the people to open up to you and get their favour, calm them down. In my personal opinion would be very popular in 2021.
Light blue

Light blue is communication colour. Is the best colour to wear on the interview, the best colour when you want to present yourself and your projects. So wearing a blue classic shirt is always a good idea at work or study, plus you will be surprised to know its refreshing much more than white!

Colour of power and control. So if you have the client how has just been promoted and is afraid he can perform accordingly to the post, make him wear blue. He will have more confidence and people would take him completely differently.

Is a colour of knowledge. Can suit nice for the students or teachers, passing exams.

Black is often used by people who are not ready to open to the world in the moment and want to save their energy for themselves.

White colour is the black opposite. It symbolises openness to the world and acceptance.