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How to combine the looks?
1. Start from the shoes

It's always a good idea to start with the shoes. Depending on how intense will be your day, opt to the most comfortable or more elegant version.

2. Determine the DNA/matching styles

Every piece of the clothing/every accessorise has its own DNA. And knowing it and its history, you can easily style the shooting or everyday look in matching styles.

3. Choose the bottom

Starting from the shoes and determining their style/DNA, we then move to choosing the bottom.

4. Accessories

The most easy to combine are basic simple clothes with good fit. And accessories can finish the look.
When you don't know what to buy - buy accessories. They make your look unique, even if all your wardrobe is absolutely basic and simple

Style forming piece - unique, distinctive piece of clothing on which you can build the look

How to mix prints?

- the same colour spectrum of the print or crossing (the same colour shades in both pieces of clothing) colours

- same prints of different size

- same prints which have different colour

- mixing black and white prints with each other. Easy to start with. But the shades of black and white should be similar (warm or cold)
How to mix fabric textures?

Usually fibres should be from one group to be mixed perfectly. The fabrics can be:

- smooth: satin, silk, skin, varnish

- textured: plisse, pile, lace, velvet, coarse knitting, prominent printed fabrics
How to mix colours?

Use colour circle. There are three main colours and others are the mix of these colours. Harmonious colours are located on opposite sides of the colour circle or close to each other. Also the different shades of the same colour or close colours work perfectly together.
Color circle

Do not mix different styles in one. The interesting looks can be achieved mixing colours, prints and textures. But let the style to remain the same.